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Coffee Breaks, Business Lunches or Gala Dinners: all occasions when you, the company, express who you are, your mission, your guiding values and your image. It is therefore fundamental for every detail to be decided with the greatest care.
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We have years of experience in the organisation of catering services for exhibitions at the largest Italian and international expo centres, such as Brussels Expo and the Parc des Exposition in Paris. We work with major brands such as Payper.

Our service is based on quality, professionalism and organisation. We manage the entire organisational process, including the logistical aspects, and work with suppliers in the country where the event is held, so that the freshest produce is always available.

Exhibition catering must make an impression on the visitors and leave an excellent recollection of the brand whose stand it is. For this reason we take care of every single detail with great professionalism, focusing on offering dishes of high quality and emphasising their Italian identity, also using tastings of local specialities.


For the more formal, prestigious working lunches, even for just 5/6 people, we are able to organise an on-site service on your premises or at any other location of your choice.

A real formal lunch, where your guests will enjoy elaborate, elegant dishes comfortably seated, with professional, discreet service, with no-one disturbing the calm and privacy of your conversations.

The concentration of an important business meeting combined with haute cuisine quality.


At meetings, congresses, conferences or workshops it is important to create a lunch break that will relax, regenerate and motivate the participants.

Depending on the duration of the break and the size of the location, we may recommend a standing buffet with occasional tables and ledges where delicious, light, practical yet rich and tasty foods can be served, or a seated buffet with complete table settings for guests’ use, where they will be able to enjoy more elaborate dishes in complete convenience.

Light, tasty food in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.


To recharge the energy and concentration of those attending your meetings and conferences, we suggest a quick, tasty coffee break.

A wide selection of hot and cold drinks will be offered with a large variety of sweet and savoury hand-made pastries and confectionery.

A break tailored to your needs!


Openings, anniversaries, cocktails and gala dinners: on each of these occasions every detail must be handled with great attention to ensure that your corporate philosophy coincides with the image you convey of yourselves and that the aim of your event is achieved in full.

From the choice of location, if you wish to use a venue other than your own headquarters, to the menu, from the etiquette to the floral decorations and lighting, everything will be in line with the occasion you wish to organise.

Every detail will emphasise the chosen theme, creating a unique, individual mood.
Whether it is an exclusive party or an informal cocktail reception, your guests will be enchanted by the atmosphere they experience during your event.

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