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If you are reading this, it is because you are in search of the catering service for your wedding and have various doubts and concerns about it. The reception is one of the most important items to be organised and you want everything to be perfect.
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On that day, you want your guests to be delighted by dishes of excellent quality, presented with originality and sophistication, the location to be pervaded by the atmosphere you have been dreaming of for months, and all the service to be managed impeccably.

We are familiar with these concerns and understand them perfectly. We know how important is for you to please your guests and to be able to enjoy your party with complete peace of mind, without having to worry about organisational details.

We will handle every single detail of your reception in a unique, individual way.
From the food to the table settings, from the decorations to the wedding cake, everything will speak of you, your story and the style you have chosen for your big day.


We will work with you to create the menu best suited to your needs, the style of reception you would like and your guests’ preferences and/or allergies.

All the dishes chosen will be made exclusively from choice, seasonal raw materials of excellent quality and will be cooked on site; no dishes that have been heated-up or made days ahead, since freshness is a priority for us!

The dishes will be prepared for serving with a refined, creative design, with attention to every tiniest detail.

Throughout the entire reception, the kitchen will be run by Chef Nicola, and not a single dish will leave it without his approval, while the dining-room will be managed by Cristian, who will lead a well trained, cordial staff, will decide the serving times and will always be at your service for any requirements.

Every dish will be served with wines from only the best Italian wineries.


Working with chosen partners, we will handle all the details of the reception’s decorations, such as the table centres, the menus, the place markers and the table markers, which will be in a graphic style to match that used in other items related to the ceremony, such as the invitations sent to your guests.

The decoration of the wedding cake table, the gifts for guests’ and the good-luck “confetti” will be in the style and colours chosen for your day.

On the other hand, if you already have suppliers who will be handling these aspects, we will liaise with them to guarantee that the same style is used throughout.


It is also important to choose the table setting in line with the atmosphere you wish to create for your wedding, and so we will suggest a number of alternatives.

Minimalist or luxurious, modern or shabby chic, formal or intimate, intricate or country chic: whatever your chosen style, every detail of the reception will reflect it to perfection!


Choose your style: