Executive Chef

Nicola Benuzzi

“I believe that anyone who knows how to do one thing well is an artist: cooking, for example”

Nicola is our Chef: his job is to create unique courses that guests will not forget for a long time.

Our cuisine is simple, but modern, innovative and in search of new combinations, always respecting the naturalness of the ingredients. Nicola personally takes care of the choice and purchase of raw materials: he carefully selects suppliers and every single product that will become a refined and original dish. Nicola’s responsibility then moves to the kitchen. Under his leadership, the entire brigade of cooks creates every single course served during the event.

As a catering company we have decided to put quality above everything. Our most important choice is to have no more than two events on the same day, so that we can take care of every detail and follow the customer in all the steps, from the first appointment to the actual event.

You will therefore meet Nicola since the earliest stages, ready to discuss every detail with you: from the choice of the venue to the alternative menus for guests with intolerances. Relax and let yourself be charmed by his sympathy, you are in good hands.