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    The best hours of our lives are all connected to some memory about the table


One of the elements that make an event unique is food. A party, a dinner or an aperitif cannot be successful if your guests are not satisfied with the dishes you offer them. For this reason, it is important to study a balanced menu suitable for the circumstance you wish to celebrate.

For cocktails or informal events with friends, we offer delicious and casual courses, such as buffet islands or some finger food, to encourage the entertainment and socialization of your guests. Everyone will be able to move freely while enjoying a good glass of wine and teasing tasty food without being hindered by bulky dishes.

For more formal and elegant celebrations, for example Communions or Baptisms, we suggest you dine or have lunch comfortably seated at the table, allowing your guests to savor more elaborate and refined courses served by friendly but discreet staff.

We can also supply all the organizational details of your event: mise en place, floral and light decorations in agreement with the theme you chose. Every detail will talk about you, your personality and the reason why you decided to celebrate.

Padovani Benuzzi Catering will be able to enhance every private event with uniqueness and taste.

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