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Who We Are


Foto Comparotto-14There are no two ways about it. You hear the word “catering” and the first thing that springs to mind is an impersonal, standardised, poor quality service.

But meeting Cristian and Nicola stands this cliché right on its head.
Their professionalism, organisation and quality are clear from the outset, and once you’ve tasted their food…. well, that’s it.. you will be totally won over. Forever.

We have decided to introduce them to you in a rather unusual way, by getting them to talk about themselves and their work. It wasn’t easy, because they don’t like being in the spotlight and shy away from any form of self-importance, but in the end we managed it!

 Let’s start with you, Cristian. You handle the waiting service and the decorations. What do you see as the main parts of your job? And how much does the fact that your family have owned and run restaurants for several generations affect the way you work?

C: I’ll start by answering the second question because that’s where it all started, with my origins, with the world I grew up in and with what I’ve seen people doing since the day I was born: delighting customers with delicious, impeccably-served food and a highly personalised service.

Customers are not all the same and each and every one needs to be treated differently. Some customers want discretion and quiet, while others prefer a warmer, friendly mood.

The secret lies in immediately grasping the type of customer you are looking at and providing exactly the type of service expected.
In a catering firm that needs to cover different types of events, and accordingly, satisfy different kinds of people, this is even more essential.
Then, alongside the personalised service, and now I come back to the first question, I base my work on flawless, professional organisation; customers have nothing to worry about except enjoying their guests’ company and savouring the food served.

Nicola, I think Cristian is trying to tell you that he’s handing over to you now! He creates the perfect ambiance and mood, so that the guests are there waiting for your culinary creations!

N: It’s a big responsibility! My job begins a long time before I actually start cooking, because you can’t make a quality dish without excellent raw materials. This is what I keep in the forefront when choosing and purchasing the ingredients – something I do personally; indeed I never delegate this task to anyone, because I want to see and touch every single product that comes into my kitchen myself.

I refuse to compromise on this and my suppliers are well aware of it: no frozen, out-of-season or second grade produce here please!
Once I’ve selected the raw materials, my responsibilities shift into the kitchen. Because although you can’t make a quality dish without an excellent starting product, you still have to respect and maintain this excellence. A product has to be processed and then used in combinations, but you must never interfere with its natural, original flavour. I hate artificiality and fake or unidentifiable flavours with a passion.

I cook in a modern, innovative style and am always on the look-out for new combinations, but, at the same time, I have a profound respect for the natural qualities of the products I cook.
I know I may seem to set excessively high standards, but it’s all Cristian’s fault [laughs]: he creates very high expectations in guests and I have to do my very best to satisfy them.



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I think that anyone who knows how to do one thing well, such as cooking for example, is an artist




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